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Fresh delicious coffee, ground and brewed right in your break room

Go Bean To Cup Today!

Delivery the sights and smells of the cafe

Our professional bean to cup source in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

From the sound of freshly ground coffee beans to the multiple recipes for lattes and cappuccinos -- your Las Vegas employees, guests, and visitors will adore our bean-to-cup brewers.

Freshly ground beans brewed for each and every cup
Customizable coffee or specialty drink options
Eliminates burnt or cold coffee that needs to be drained
Enhances the break room atmosphere for employees

Experience fresh brewed coffee

The quality and delicious taste of Starbucks is now available in your Baton Rouge and New Orleans location.

The Serenade single cup brewer uses a 17-inch screen to bring the Starbucks brand to your workplace. The genuine Starbucks experience includes a customizable drink order, freshly ground beans, and perfect brewing technology.

Bring in more delicious options

Coffee Iced Coffee Tazo Chai Latte Hot Chocolate

Iced Coffee
Tazo Chai Latte
Hot Chocolate

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Create a workplace cafe

Each cup made fresh for the user

From different beans to crafting recipes via touchscreen, bean to cup offers a truly sophisticated coffee service experience.

Keep employees on-site for coffee they are happy to drink

Bring in the type of coffee experience that makes employees feel valued with a bean to cup brewer from REFSOL Coffee.

Provide the gourmet and specialty coffee options they want right from your Baton Rouge or New Orleans break room.

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Each cup of coffee or specialty drink is brewed fresh for the user, eliminating burnt and cold coffee.


Select the ideal quality beans for your taste preference, from dark to light roasts and various blends.


Tailor the coffee selection to your needs, including coffee locally roasted to national brands.


Use the interactive touchscreen to create your own personalized hot beverage freshly made.

Freshen up your coffee program with bean to cup from REFSOL Coffee at 800.370.1282 or info@refsolcoffee.com.