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Cafe rivaling beverages prepared by the cup

Explore Flavia brewers
Flavia brewing in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
Innovative flat packs

Make lattes, herbals teas, coffee, and more, using Flavia’s advanced preservation technology that brews a variety of delicious beverages.

Premium Flavia coffee machines in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
Premium flavor, small package

Enjoy the same quality beverage as you would from a barista now from your break room using sustainable and national coffee brands.

Quality coffee brewing with Flavia in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
Fast, quality brewing

Specialty hot drinks at your Baton Rouge and New Orleans workplace save employees and valued customers time and money.

Advanced brewing technology

Stylish and compact, the Flavia brewer offers reliable brewing of a wide variety of beverage options

With engaging content on its enhanced 17” screen and the versatility to add a customer payment option, Serenade™ single-cup brewer brings the brand to life with a genuine Starbucks Experience, that’s conveniently self-serve.

Delicious variety in every serving

Bringing you the latest single-cup experience
Craft the perfect coffee or tea with one unit
Hassle-free, no mess solution to coffee services
Drink enhancements and menu options

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Artisan coffees, teas and espressos await

Flavia packets in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Raise the bar on coffee service with a Flavia brewer from REFSOL Coffee at 800.370.1282 or info@refsolcoffee.com.