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Create a memorable coffee and tea experience for guests

Get In Room Brewing expertise

Quality coffee paired with reliable brewers

Offering advanced In Room Brewing service for hotels in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Partner with REFSOL Coffee for a hassle-free In Room Brewing experience of which you can be proud.

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  • Commercial grade brewers

    Enjoy reliable coffee brewers built to withstand continuous use.

  • Easy and hassle-free

    We handle all your In Room Brewing needs quickly and thoroughly.

  • Enjoy product choices

    Select the coffee and teas you want to offer from our vast array.

  • Service you can count on

    Our dedicated team reacts quickly and fully to your service needs.

More variety for an ideal solution

Our experts will help you select the right coffee brewer for your In Room Brewing requirements

In-room brewing in Baton Rogue and New Orleans

Allow guests to brew coffee any hour of the day in the privacy of their own room.

Well designed and constructed to be easy for guests to use and have a long life.

Coffee brewing in-room in Baton Rogue and New Orleans
In-room coffee brewing in Baton Rogue and New Orleans

Easy to clean for better tasting coffee and includes an auto shut-off feature.

Make your In Room Brewing enjoyable and reliable with service from REFSOL Coffee at 800.370.1282 or info@refsolcoffee.com.