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Bring a taste of Italy to Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Try Julius Meinl coffee
Julius Meinl coffee in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
Julius Meinl coffee in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Gourmet coffee found in Italian coffee bars

Julius Meinl is the name to know for high-end coffee that will propel your coffee experience to the next level.

Keep guests satisfied and on location with Julius Meinl coffee. Sustainably sourced, Julius Meinl coffee carries designations that set it apart from other coffee, such as Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance and 4C Code of Conduct Association. It’s suited to any coffee brewing system, including drip coffee makers, espresso machines, capsules, pods, and French Press. It’s premium coffee sure to delight Baton Rouge and New Orlean residents and visitors.

A premium experience for your valuable guests and employees

Coffee chosen with attention to region, altitude, humidity, ripeness of the cherry, and time of the year.

When it’s time to deliver the next level in coffee, call in the experts -- REFSOL Coffee at 800.370.1282 or info@refsolcoffee.com.