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Order Online
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Create a new vibe in the break room
with a self-checkout refreshment solution

Explore micro-markets

Technologically advanced system with
hundreds of product options

The company Baton Rouge and New Orleans businesses trust for quality micro-market service

Local foods delivered

Our Nutrition Delivered program brings locally prepared food directly to you for healthy and convenient eating.

Retail shopping experience

No more coils or locked doors, just open shelves and glass front coolers filled with popular products.

Self-checkout kiosks

Users can pay for items at the easy-to-use kiosk, which allows the micro-market to be open 24/7.

Hand-picked options

Each micro-market is carefully considered, including customizing the selections to match your location wants.

Micro-markets exceed expectations

Raise the quality of your break area with a micro-market from REFSOL Coffee at 800.370.1282 or info@refsolcoffee.com.