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Coffee services in Baton Rogue and New Orleans restaurants and cafes

Revolutionize your restaurant coffee with advanced equipment and service

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Espresso and coffee machines that deliver excellence

The professionals trusted by Baton Rouge and New Orleans restaurants for quality coffee equipment

Astoria coffee brewers in Baton Rouge and New Orleans restaurants
Authorized by Astoria

As an authorized distributor for Astoria, REFSOL Coffee can provide commercial grade brewers and service.

Cafe coffee in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
Customized solutions

We cater our equipment services to your unique business, whether you are a large cafe or small restaurant.

Restaurant coffee brewing in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
Innovative brewing

Astoria builds the latest espresso and coffee making technology into its brewers for a better experience.

Save energy with Green Line

A smart brewer that learns your work load

Astoria’s Green Line is a restaurant or cafes secret weapon. The advanced software “learns” about your business, including your peak sales times. It then operates the related functions during those times of day, saving power during times when it is not needed.

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Better espresso equipment and service just got easier to find in Baton Rouge and New Orleans -- REFSOL Coffee at 800.370.1282 or info@refsolcoffee.com.