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Renew your break room with services that emphasize a positive work culture

Baton Rouge and New Orleans companies enjoy highly individualized solutions crafted from our wide variety of services that fit every need.

Infinite service combinations

Coffee service professionals focused on Baton Rouge and New Orleans businesses

It’s time to make your break room an employee retention tool. REFSOL Coffee has the wide variety of services to transform a traditional space into something special that will foster employees and create a social environment at your Baton Rouge or New Orleans site.

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    Combine our array of services until you have the perfect refreshments and level of service for your needs.


    Sophisticated brewers allow your employees and customers to make their own, customizable hot beverages.


    We bring coffeehouse quality to your break room with gourmet coffees, fine teas, and specialty drinks.


    Our goal is to create a program that is as unique as your business with tailored services and refreshment options./p>

We give you more choices

Bean to cup

Smell the aroma of fresh coffee brewed right when you order, from beans grinding to perfect brewing technology

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Pod brewer

Brew coffee one cup at a time using the ideal amount of coffee self-contained in an environmentally friendly filter

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Capsule brewer

Revel in the vast selection of branded, plastic capsule coffee that offers everyone their favorite drink

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Office coffee services in Baton Rouge and New Orleans


Offer something special with a flat-pack, single-cup system that offers variety, and isn’t available at home

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In-Room Brewing

Make Baton Rouge and New Orleans a stay to remember with premium coffee and tea service from REFSOL Coffee

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Let us provide the gourmet coffee, espresso, and tea that will lure your restaurant patrons to stay for dessert

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It’s time to bring in a true full service provider -- REFSOL Coffee at 800.370.1282 or info@refsolcoffee.com.