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Bring the Starbucks experience to your Baton Rouge or New Orleans business

Go barista free

Delicious cafe quality coffee brewed in house

Nothing beats having Starbucks office coffee service in your Baton Rouge and New Orleans break room

Starbucks coffee in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Leaders in coffee

The rich history of Starbucks makes for an incredible story along with a wide range of beverage options.

Starbucks office coffee in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Assorted coffee types

We offer several Starbucks coffee roasts and blends to meet customer taste profiles and needs.

Office coffee from Starbucks in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Advanced brewing

Only brewers with reliable, sophisticated brewing technology are authorized to brew Starbucks brand coffee.

Dedicated to sustainable coffee and tea

Starbucks supports efforts to bring sustainability to coffee and tea farming. Research is shared with the coffee industry and farming communities are supported with education and financing. Starbucks is invested in making coffee the first sustainable agricultural product.

Office coffee in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
Tazo tea service in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Complete your coffee service solution with artful, high-quality teas from Tazo.

Deliver Starbucks to employees on-site with service from REFSOL Coffee at 800.370.1282 or info@refsolcoffee.com.